Campaign As part of a 32-million Euro rebrand campaign, Portuguese mobile company, Optimus, has created a glowing commercial with the help of Partizan and Prime Focus, who were brought on board to provide the commercial’s key ingredient – the 3D magma.

Set supervision Our goal was to create flowing balls of magma that moved in a slow and beautiful manner. After some initial rules were set about its size, we realized these would have to become more flexible because the magma’s behaviour would be dictated by the actors’ movements. We developed a system for controlling its weight, size, proportions and speed by using rigged metaballs. We experimented with different rigs in order to control its overall structure and ended up using several different rigs when the magma’s movement became quite complex. We captured HDR (high dynamic range) images on each set to integrate the 3D magma into the real-life scenes. This was crucial to keep the lighting and reflections believable and consistent across all the shots.